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Re-opening the church

The LA archdiocese has moved forward with opening the doors of our churches!

We are currently in the process of submitting our parish plan to the bishop's office. Once the plan has been approved, we will release our specific plan and opening date to uphold those measures.

Although the Letter indicates parishes will begin to reopen on June 3rd, the community of St. Robert Bellarmine will be moving forward on a day by day basis preparing ourselves for our transition. We do not have a set date for our first mass.

Furthermore, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, has granted dispensation to all who are more comfortable celebrating mass at home and online. There is no obligation to attend mass in the ADLA. Sunday Mass will continue to be celebrated on our Parish Youtube Channel

In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with the guidelines that the archdiocese outlines and check back for updates. We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

SRB needs your help to re-open as quick as we can! Your help is always appreciated and necessary; email us at to let us know you want to help!




SRB Re-opening

Q & A


Q: Will the church provide me with hand sanitizer?

A: Yes, parishioners will be required to disinfect using our hand sanitizer before entering.

Q: What date is your first mass?

A: Our first step is to open the door for private prayer. We do not have a set date at this time for mass.

Q: Will I be able to enter the church without a mask?

A: Parishoners will not be allowed inside the church without a proper face covering.



Q: Will the church be cleaned before mass?

A: All pews will be wiped down immediately before and after all masses

Q: How many people will be inside the church during mass?

A: The Church will hold 25% of it's Max Capacity, or 100 Persons at a time.

Q: How can I help re-open the church?

A: Email us at to offer your assistance in re-opening!


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