Meet Our Team

Each small group consists of 2 adult leaders & 1 teen lead.

When our teen leads aren't facilitating student small groups, they are led in their own formation by our young adult leaders.

God bless them for the incredible work they do in giving of themselves for our community!



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Frances of Rome 

I chose her because of her obedience to God and her Feast day is March 9th, my birthday.

Favorite Movie:  The Way

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Hobby:  Snowboarding



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Jude the Apostle

I chose saint st. Jude because that is my family’s saint.

Favorite Movie:  Edward Scissorhands

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Hobby:  Playing sports



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. John the Baptist 

Why, you ask? He was with Jesus from the beginning, baptized him, and ended up dying because of it. He sacrificed everything for Him! 

Favorite Movie:  FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF!!!

Favorite Food:  Eggplant Parmigiana because its awesome... also its vegetarian so bonus points.

Favorite Hobby:  ART! I love art! I make all kinds and its also my side job :)



Young Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Therese of Lisieux

I really liked her message of doing everything with love, and that no act of kindness is too small. Thinking of her reminds me to always be kind and understanding!

Favorite Movie:  Wall-E

Favorite Food:  Tacos and ice cream (not together of course)

Favorite Hobby:  Baking



Young Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Peregrine Laziosi.

I chose this saint because he is the patron saint of cancer along with AIDS, or other illness. I went through cancer at a young age and it is one of my defining character development points in my life.

Favorite Movie:  O Brother, Where Art Thou

Favorite Food:  Pickles

Favorite Hobby:  Going on adventures and enjoying life.



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Veronica

She offered Jesus her veil so that he could wipe his face while he was carrying the cross. That act of compassion inspires me and reminds me to show the same compassion to others.

Favorite Movie:  Me Before You

Favorite Food:  Veggie burgers

Favorite Hobby:  Tennis! And also yoga but I'm pretty new at it



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Teresa of Avila

Despite the obstacles in her life, she always stayed focused on spreading Gods love

Favorite Movie:  A Walk to Remember

Favorite Food:  Pasta

Favorite Hobby:  Traveling & Baking



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Therese of Lisieux

I read some of her Catholic plays in French and knew it was meant to be

Favorite Movie:  12 Angry Men

Favorite Food:  Sweet potato. Could eat one for every meal if necessary.

Favorite Hobby:  Yoga and recently surfing but I just moved to CA so I’m not amazing yet :)



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Michael

Confirmation came at a time when I saw myself as the protector of my family.

Favorite Movie:  The Godfather

Favorite Food:  Wings

Favorite Hobby:  Playing sports/boardgames/video games

kerry ann.png


Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:   St. Angela Merici

She’s the founder of the oldest religious order of women in the Roman Catholic. I love seeing women support women :)

Favorite Movie:  The Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite Food:  French fries

Favorite Hobby:  Painting



Young Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Michael

I wanted to know I’d be protected when no one else was around, but I also wanted to eventually grow to become a protector or someone that can be counted on by those close to me

Favorite Movie:  The Revenant

Favorite Food:  Bandeja paisa

Favorite Hobby:  Chilling with friends



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Adelaide

Her name is the same name as my hometown in Australia and uh... yeah that’s it (LOL)

Favorite Movie:  The Emporer's New Groove

Favorite Food:  Boba & French fries

Favorite Hobby:  Eating



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Cecelia

She is the patron saint of music and musicians, and I love singing during mass. Also, I think it is really cool how music can evoke emotions and spread messages. 

Favorite Movie:  Harry Potter (any)

Favorite Food:  Pasta

Favorite Hobby:  Dancing, calligraphy and sewing



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:   St. Maxamilian Kolbe 

When I first heard about the sacrifice that Kolbe made for a stranger, I was motivated to have that much love to everyone. He reminds me that even in crisis, don't give up hope for yourself and others.

Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park

Favorite Food:  Tacos

Favorite Hobby:  Painting/Drawing



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:   St. Cecilia

Because I have mad respect for martyrs, she’s got a fascinating life story, and she’s the patron saint of music

Favorite Movie:   The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite Food:  Pad Thai (especially from Summer Buffalo...)

Favorite Hobby:  Bass guitar



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Maria Goretti

she forgave her attacker/person who assaulted her on her death bed.

Favorite Movie:  Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald was a DOLL)

Favorite Food:  Cheese (but I’m lactose intolerant :(

Favorite Hobby:  Performing standup comedy :)



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Raphael

He is the patron saint of young people, travel, and good health. I’m a young person who likes good health and travel.

Favorite Movie:  The Truman Show

Favorite Food:  Pesto Pasta with Chicken

Favorite Hobby:  Stand-up



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  I don't have one

I don’t have a Confirmation Saint cause they didn’t make me choose when I got confirmed. (TㅅT) But I like St. Sebastian because is the patron saint of our city in the Philippines and growing up we always celebrated his feast day every year. FUN!

Favorite Movie:  The Hunger Games Trilogy

Favorite Food:  Steak with mashed potatoes

Favorite Hobby:  Hobby: Singing and Dancing (especially Kpop)



Teen Lead

Confirmation Saint:   St. Florian

Patron of Firefighters/Paramedics, which is my dream job. I also have a necklace of St. Florian which I never take off, so it is a constant reminded of who is by my sides.

Favorite Movie:  Dune

Favorite Food:  Anything involving carbs

Favorite Hobby:  Reading



Young Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Kateri Tekakwitha

because she showed so much love for nature. Plus for me as an environmental activist & an environmental science major I want to be able to protect our earth by educating the public.

Favorite Movie:  Someone Great

Favorite Food:  Street tacos

Favorite Hobby:  To hike & explore



Young Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. Maximilian Kolbe

He sacrificed his life for a father and son during the Holocaust. His action reminds me to put faith in the Lord so that I can do what is righteous even when crisis is present.

Favorite Movie:  Slumdog Millionaire

Favorite Food:  Poke bowl

Favorite Hobby:   Boxing



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  IDK I made my confirmation so long ago that I can’t remember. If I could choose again it would be St Joseph. He is the patron saint of craftsmen, of fathers, of families and mostly for accepting Mary as God made her.

Favorite Movie:  Shawshank Redemption- a story of hope

Favorite Food:  Filipino/Japanese

Favorite Hobby:  Skate boarding, riding my motorcycle, traveling and of course wearing my mask! :)



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:   St Thomas More:

Martyr, lawyer, statesman, writer, husband, father, and amateur comedian.

Favorite Movie:  Spirited Away

Favorite Food:  Strawberries, and proud of it.

Favorite Hobby:  Hiking/exploring



Adult Lead

Confirmation Saint:  St. John

I chose him because my middle name is John and John is the gospel that resonates most with me. 

Favorite Movie:  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Hobby:  Sports