Lending a Helping Hand

Family Promise

Family Promise of the Verdugos is our local component serving the areas Burbank/Glendale/Eagle Rock. We provide shelter, meals, and caseworker assistance to help families reach sustainable futures with housing and equipment.

Our Local Organization started when some community leaders and church members became aware of increasingly growing numbers of homeless families after the 2008 financial crisis. Now, FPV has about 30 local churches providing their services in the form of shelter and meals. This program is managed by a Board of Directors who hire an executive director and caseworker. 

Of the 30 churches, some are host churches where the families arrive in the evening for provided meals and overnight sleeping room before leaving in the morning. St. Robert Bellarmine functions as a support church bringing the meals to a host church - First Christian Church on Verdugo and 6th St. With the help of so many churches, we provide a week of meal support every three months.

After leaving in the morning, the children attend school while the parents are provided casework assistance at a city-leased Day Center apartment to achieve employment and housing. 

There are a number of ways that you can be involved with FPV. If you would like to be a member of our church meal teams, you would bring a dish (entree, side, etc.,) to feed 15 people. As if you were at home, you would also sit and eat with our homeless family guests to accompany them. 

FPV also has a need for volunteer service at the Day Center answering phones, etc.. A number of our parishioners volunteer this way Being a non-profit, FPV has lot of fund raising events throughout the year. For further information, visit www.FamilyPromiseVerdugos.org or email:


if interested, contact Jeff Wassem at