My dear friends, 
tonight we celebrate the memory of the first Eucharist,
at which our Lord Jesus Christ shared with his apostles and with us his call to the priestly service of his Church.
Now in the presence of God’s holy people, 
we, your priests and deacon, renew our dedication to Christ
as servants of his new covenant.


We resolve to unite ourselves more closely to Christ
and to try to become more like him
by joyfully sacrificing our own pleasure and ambition 
to bring his peace and love to our brothers and sisters.

We resolve to be faithful ministers of the mysteries of God, 
to celebrate the Eucharist and the other liturgical services
with sincere devotion.

We resolve to imitate Jesus Christ,
the head and shepherd of the Church,
by teaching the Christian faith without thinking of our own profit,
solely for the well-being of the people we were sent to serve.


Renewal of Commitment of Clergy